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  • logoThe course deals with the nature, purpose and relevance of technical research that would provide significant contribution in the development of industry and education, it requires proposal on the development of gadgets, system, or prototype projects that possesses replicability for production and commercialization.
  • LOGThe course refers to the present trends and innovations in technology affecting man's performance and contribution to the progress and development of the educational and industrial sectors. It also discusses the new materials, installation techniques, construction application and innovations that lead to be productive and the unending quest for technology advancement.
  • logThe course tackles the current environmental conditions that affect both human and global economic activities.It deals with the biogeochemical cycle, pollution of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere, climate change, forest and coastal degeneration and mining.Its focus is on social awareness, prevention, conservation practices and education campaign for the purpose of improving the quality of the environment.

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